The best English language courses for children!

Teaching in games

Our programs “Play and learn”, “Summer linguistic camp” and “Borovoye camp” are oriented on increasing of children’s interest in foreign languages, on development of their linguistic abilities and on provision of unforgettable time with their peers.

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English for children all year round

Teaching is provided all year round at any convenient time. Experienced managers and teachers will offer you and your kid the most advantageous and efficient teaching methodology.

Our courses for children

Play and learn

All year round

Age: 6-13 years

Our goal – development of children’s interest to English, going beyond standard “school” teaching methods, provision of efficient communicative skills in English.

Results of completion:

-         Skills of understanding foreign speech;

-         Skills of oral speech and use of English in real life;

-         Extensive vocabulary;

Summer linguistic camp

Annually from June 1 to September 1

Our teacher presents fundamentals of grammar, spoken language, and enrich vocabulary of your children.

Role games, video classes, etc. are so unconventional, that children think of it as fun and interesting leisure time. Also these classes help to find friends and spend time with fun and benefit. Our teacher will help your kid to speak in English in short period of time and to widen his/her horizons.

Age: 6-13 years;

Level: beginner-elementary-pre-intermediate;

Duration: 80 academic hours, daily from Monday to Friday, during one month.

Course program covers:

-         grammar rules;

-         vocabulary;

-         pronunciation and speaking skills;

-         communicative English.

We teach children to talk about him/her-self, about family and friends, we play in favorite English and American games, organize jokes and fun psychological tests and trainings, sing modern songs, make little performances. All these activities are held in English.

Date of beginning:

1st group:

01.01.02016 – 29.06.2016, daily, 09.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.

2nd group:

01.07.2016 – 28.07.2016, daily, 09.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.

3rd group:

01.08.2016-26.08.2016, daily, 09.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.


Barayev Str., 1 (corn.of Respublika ave.), tel. 44-32-43

Kabanbay batyr Str., 42, entr.20, tel. 45-23-52

 Borovoye camp

Eventful program of English learning in conjunction with rest at side of Katarkol lake.

Accommodation – cottage camp

Rooms are equipped with satellite TV, beds with orthopedic mats, heating and conditioning system “Winter-Summer”, towels, slippers and hygiene means.

The camp is located at 6ha area with 24-hour security.

Price of program includes:

-         10 days of 6-place accommodation;

-         Meals 5 times/day;

-         Transfer Astana-Borovoye-Astana;

-         Intensive course of English in game form (40 hours);

-         Entertainment programs, trips;

-         Accompaniment of camp counselors.

Age: 9-14 years