Courses for teachers are oriented on professional upgrading. Teachers learn up-to-date trends in teaching methods and main principles of communicative approach to teaching English.

English for the Teacher

OLS offers professional course “English for the Teacher”.

Goal of the course – language practice, improvement of verbal skills and initial level of command of English. Course program is based primarily on subjects of studying and teaching English.

Advantages of attending the course:

  • Teachers will comprehensively develop all types of language activities with accent on development of listening and speaking skills;
  • Teachers will enlarge their vocabulary in modern English;
  • Teachers will be able to teach good English in compliance with today provisions;
  • Teachers  will improve functional language for holding classes;
  • Teachers will be clarified all aspects of English grammar.

The course is divided into two stages:

1. Upper-Intermediate level

2. Advanced level

Seminars on methods of teaching Kazakh and English

Seminars are devoted to solutions of daily issues faced by a teacher in his/her practice. Seminar program is developed for teachers, who have willingness to look at their work from the other side, to diversify methods of language teaching and to make learning and teaching process more interesting both for themselves and for students.

Seminars are held by the best professionals of Kazakhstan, Doctors and Candidates of pedagogic sciences, and designed for teachers in higher educational institutions. Furthermore, our center provides option of arrangement of seminars with participation of native speakers, academics from higher educational institutions of UK and USA in form of video-conference.

Our center has experience of training of linguists – teachers at high academic level in universities and other public/private institutions of Kazakhstan.

Professional upgrading courses are held in premises of organizing company or client.

In addition we can develop other programs with consideration of requirements of a client.