Arabic is related to the Semitic branch of the Afrasian family of languages. The number of speakers in Arabic and its variants is about 240 million (mother tongue), and about 50 million people use Arabic as a second language.

Arabic is one of the six official and working languages of the General Assembly and other United Nations bodies (UN). It is the official language of all Arab countries (in Iraq - along with Kurdish). In addition, it is one of the official languages of Somaliland, Somalia and Comoros.

The grammar of the Arabic language includes two sciences:

1. Nakhu - studying the endings of words;

2. Sarf - studying the basis of words and vowel sign of word root.

Nakhu has its own terminology. Learning of Arabic starts usually from analysis of such expressions, as 

اللفظ ، القول ، الكلام ، الكلم ، الكلمة


1. Pronunciation – what is pronounced by a person a lot or not, regardless meaningful or not


2. Speech – something pronounced with meaning, word, sentence or several sentences.


3. Meaningful sentence – speech with full meaning and consisting of minimum 2 words, upon which it is appropriate to stop speaking. For example:



4. Combination of words – speech consisting of minimum three words, regardless meaningful or not e:


AR 1 (72 АК Ч)

This course is dedicated for acquaintance with grammar basics, phonetic structure and written language. Such grammatical concepts, as parts of speech (nouns and adjectives, verbs and their tenses), narrative and interrogative sentence, are learnt. Students develop basic skills of listening comprehension, oral and written speech.

AR 2 (72 АК Ч)

This level corresponds to level A1 on the European scale.

Students are taught more complex grammar constructions (negation, degrees of comparison of adjectives, verb moods, case system, direct and indirect speech); students’ vocabulary is enriched by such topics as cinema, sport, daily life, politics, geography, traditions and customs; students obtain skills to keep conversations and make speeches in Arabic.

AR 3 (72 АК Ч)

This level corresponds to level A2 on the European scale.

Primary orientation is syntax structure – various types of dependent clauses, parenthesis, and auxiliary parts of speech. Vocabulary is enlarged by etiquette expressions.

AR 4 (72 АК Ч)

This level corresponds to level B1 on the European scale.

Students get acquainted with stylistic aspects, complex grammar structures, phraseological units. At his level students can read original publicistic and fiction literature.

AR 5, 6 (144 АК Ч)

This level corresponds to level B2-C1 on the European scale.

Grammar, stylistics, syntax aspects are learnt and vocabulary is enlarged. Students are able to hold discussions in Arabic fluently and express own point of view.