Levels 1,2

Duration of each level – 36 hours

Students are learnt basics of phonetics, grammar, hieroglyphics and vocabulary of Chinese language. Students learn 500 hieroglyphic signs and 1000 lexical items on general and daily topics in this period.

Upon completion of 2 level, students are able to keep conversation on studied topics, to make small message, to write text with use of hieroglyphic signs, and transcribe it.

Level 3,4

Duration of each level – 48 hours.

At these levels, study of Chinese grammar, vocabulary, phraseology and hieroglyphic writing system is continued. By the end of the fourth level, vocabulary of students includes 1500 lexical units and 1100 hieroglyphic signs. Upon completion of the fourth level, students are able to read original texts of an medium degree of complexity with dictionary.

Level 5, 6, 7

Duration of each level – 48 hours.

Deep learning of Chinese starts from the fifth level. Course is oriented on active usage of learnt phonetic, lexical, grammatical and hieroglyphic materials in oral and written speech. Students learn 1500 new lexical units and 650 hieroglyphic signs at these levels.

Upon completion of the seventh level, students are able to read texts of medium complexity, they know hieroglyphic system of writing, understand spoken Chinese, also they are able to keep conversation on various topics and express their point of view on any issue.

Each Chinese language course has an examination upon completion, and successful passing of such exam allows students to move on to the next level. In case of successful passing of final exam, students will be granted with standard  diploma, confirming their level of proficiency in Chinese language.