French takes 12 position by prevalence in the world. Approximately 200 mln.people speak French (French is not mother language for the half of them).

Online Language Studio applies communicative methods in  teaching French. All new words and concepts are explained to students through something, already known by students, or through something, that understood on intuitive level: facial expressions, gestures, pictures.

French language course consists of 8 levels. Each level lasts 3-4 months.


Débutant (F1)

Débutant – the first stage of general course program.

Educational course of French language starts from learning of greeting and meeting situations.

Then the following topics are learnt: occupations, nations, dates, money, weather. Students learn to describe appearance of a man/woman and to talk about him/herself. Correct pronunciation is developed.

The course is quite intensive in relation to grammar: three tenses of verb, conjugation of main verbs “to be”, “to have”, “to go”, “to do”.

Pré-Intermédiaire (F2)

Future tense and concept "sujonctif" are learnt at Pré-Intermédiaire level.

Oral speech is presented by the following subjects: feelings, clothes, fashion, house (domestic items), etc.

Intermédiaire (F3)

Subjects of Intermédiaire level: sport, architecture, beaux-arts, theater, cinema, monuments, money.

Grammar structures: passive voice, conditional mood, duration expression, time le plus-que-parfait.

Intermédiaire-Supérieur (F4)

Subjects of Intermédiaire-Supérieur level: taxes, songs, architecture, ecology, rights and responsibilities, science, education.

In grammar, special attention is paid to adverbs, relative pronouns, complex sentences (subordinate goals, consequences).

Pré-Avancé (F5) and Avancé (F6)

Pré-Avancé and Avancé levels strengthen grammar skills and vocabulary.

Great attention is paid to review of cultural, social, political life of France, as well as its history.

Avancé-Supérieur (F7) and Supérieur (F8)

Avancé-Supérieur and Supérieur levels relate to high language training, fluent oral speech skills are developed.

Great attention is paid to work with additional materials (television programs, fiction).

Avancé-Supérieur and Supérieur levels presume knowledge of almost all main lexical and grammatical structures of French.

Upon completion of Avancé-Supérieur and Supérieur levels, a student will be able to start preparation course for DALF (Diplome Approfondi de Langue Francaise).

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