OLS offers the following Kazakh language courses:

  • Kazakh for beginners
  • Kazakh for continuing learners
  • Business Kazakh
  • Kazakh documentation management
  • Speaking Kazakh course
  • Preparation course for KAZTEST
  • Preparation course for UNT

Classes are held by experienced high qualified teachers.

Classes are held as follows

1. In mini-groups (3-4) students

2. By couple

3. On an individual basis

Preparation course for KAZTEST

KAZTEST is common assessment system of level of command of Kazakh language, including five levels: from elementary to high. Test shall be passed for confirmation of respective knowledge.

Levels of KAZTEST system


OLS offers preparation course for this testing on the basis of the state standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. These standards are developed by the National Academy of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and formally approved by other state authorities.

The standards are oriented on efficient and accurate assessment of the following skills:

  • pronunciation;
  • word formation;
  • ability to express own thoughts in writing and orally.

Assessment is arranged by standard system. Teachers consider results of listening part, oral part and written skills.

Our students demonstrate high results at testing. It is achieved by proper presentation of educational materials, usage of up-to-date interactive methods, involvement of experienced practicing teachers.

Apply for the course by phone call to OLS offices:

Office at “Respublika Str.-Barayeva Str.” location: +7 (7172) 44-32-38, +7 (7172) 44-32-44, +7 702 897 61 63, +7 771 166 88 11

Office at “Infiniti” location: +7 (7172) 452-352, +7 (7172) 68-04-17, +7 778 506 08 98, + 7 777 040 94 92

or by e-mail: info@ols.kz

Also you can apply online.