Learning of Korean language may seem difficult due to some language specifics. For example, sentence structure starts from the end. Therefore, meaning of a sentence may be understood only after hearing or reading the last word. One more feature of Korean includes a large amount of idiomatic expressions with no definite translation in Russian: you should understand Korean culture to learn this language. However, recently English words have been spreading in Korean. Our experienced teachers will help you to overcome all difficulties and develop all required language skills.

Basic course will provide language basics, elementary grammar rules, basic vocabulary and ability to talk on simple topics. You should continue learning on the next level, if you need fluent Korean, skills to keep complex conversations, and write and read business correspondence.

Upon completion of full course of Korean, you will be able to talk fluently, read different literature, and watch TV shows.



Apply for the course by phone call to OLS office:

Office at “Respublika Str.-Barayeva Str.” location: +7 (7172) 44-32-38, +7 (7172) 44-32-44, +7 702 897 61 63, +7 771 166 88 11

Office at “Infiniti” location: +7 (7172) 452-352, +7 (7172) 68-04-17, +7 778 506 08 98, + 7 777 040 94 92

or by e-mail: info@ols.kz

Also you can apply online.