This course is provided with application of up-to-date teaching methods, approved all over the world, and such methods are adapted to learning of Turkish language in simulated language environment. Students progress from beginning to advanced level. The course provides the following skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. Our center applies individual approach to learning process with consideration of learning style and mastering of educational materials.

Classes are held by professional teachers, native speakers of Turkish language.

Turkish course is held at 6 levels, which are structures as follows:

  • elementary level 1
  • elementary level 2
  • intermediate level 1
  • intermediate level 2
  • advanced level 1
  • advanced level 2

Respectively, an attendee can continue learning at the next level upon completion of the previous one. If an attendee want to continue learning upon completion of 4 levels, he/she may continue learning Turkish language at advanced level. Upon completion of elementary and intermediate levels attendees are granted with the certificate “Tolerance”.

Elementary level 1

At this level, students master three basic grammatical tenses and use it freely in speech; in addition, they learn monologic and dialogical speech in volume of spoken colloquial topics; learn to freely operate with sentences, different by purpose.

Elementary level 2

At this level, students improve their conversational speech on everyday topics. At the end of this level, students know five grammatical tenses, using them in conversational practice, as well as various speech structures, through which they ask questions and answer them.

Intermediate level 1

At this level, there is systematic training of skills of dialogical speech. Upon completion of this level, students have skills to construct sentences with verb forms and use them in conversational practice. Along with this, they are able to communicate on more serious topics, and also students have written skills. They are able to read small newspaper articles with use of dictionary.

Intermediate level 2

Upon completion of this level, students have skills of various types of language practice in Turkish, using them in speech. Classes include application of periodicals (newspapers, magazines) and watching TV shows in Turkish. Therefore, a student is able to communicate and share opinions on more serious subjects. Students master the whole paradigm of aspectual-temporal forms of Turkish language, confidently using them in speech. Each student shall prepare a report on certain subject, at least once. At the end of this level, students’ speech is close to advanced level of command of Turkish.

Advance level 1

Advanced level 1 is an additional stage to general program. Students are able to communicate in Turkish and write essays on various topics. This level may include application of newspaper and magazine articles on cultural and educational topics, as well as short stories and extractions from fiction literature in Turkish.

Advance level 2

Advanced level 2 is an additional stage to general program. Course program is selected with consideration of interests of students. This level includes improvement of writing and speaking skills of students, as well as intensive enlargement of Turkish vocabulary. Speaking skills is a priority at the course.