Ляззат, English, Corporate Clients

Hello Dear Learners!

My name is Lyazzat. I am a teacher of English. I graduated Taraz State University named after M.H. Dulati, the faculty of World languages. Right after graduating, I started teaching English at the Kazakh Abylai khan University of International Relations and World Languages, in the faculty of International Relations. I like teaching and I have been teaching for 7 years; When working with my students I set clear tasks and always bear in their mind their goals. I am focused on results and can motivate my students to work and study effectively, so they can see and achieve the results they are set to. If you know why you are doing it, you are more motivated to take action having your result in mind.

I hope that here in our center you will have an excellent opportunity to study English and other foreign languages. Welcome to OLS!