Аида, английский

Hi! My name is Aida. I am 30. I was born in Shu, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan. I dreamt to be a teacher since my childhood. My first teacher experince I tried on my little brother who was only 3 years younger.  When I became a pupil, I taught him everything which I was taught at school myself. I fell in love with the English language thanks to my English  teacher. Later I was interested in journalism too but my mother advised me to  become an English teacher. I am really thankfull to her for it.

After graduating Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilev, I was working as an English teacher in school-lyceum for 7 years. A school teacher experience gave me a chanc e to inprove my teaching skills everyday. After moving to Astana in October, 2013, I joined to OLS.  I am really happy because I find here friendly atmosphere,cordial managers and high qualified  specialists of various languages (Kazakh, Russian, English, Italian, French, Turkey, German, etc). My free time I spend with my daughter. I am interested in literature, music  and  art.

Come to our place to study or improve any language! I'm sure you won't be disappointed! We are waiting for you. Welcome!