You want to apply into educational institution abroad and you need preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE?

You are going to business trip abroad and you need Business English? 
You need foreing language for a career and promotion? 
You have children and you hope them to be high educated leaders and life winners? 
You are a foreigner and want to learn Russian/Kazakh? 

We wiil help you!

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
- Nelson Mandela

Online Language Studio offers the following courses:

GENERAL ENGLISH - general English course;
CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH - coversational English course;
BUSINESS ENGLISH - Business English course;
AVIATION ENGLISH - specialized Aviation English course;
MEDICAL ENGLISH - specialized Medical Englih course;

ENGLISH FOR KIDS - English course for children.

GENERAL ENGLISH program includes 6 levels: 


The most efficient way to learn English and get verbal skills from zero or elementary level.

Beginner, 2 months


  • You will be able to talk on some topics: family, friends, trips, work
  • You will learn more than 1000 main words and expressions
  • You will be explained grammar rules and you will use it in speech

Elementary – 3 months


You will obtain written and reading skills

You will be able to communicate in English abroad

You will learn more than 1000 main words and expressions

You will learn rules of using Past tense and deepen knowledge in grammar


  • Pre-Intermediate – 4 months
  • Extended knowledge of English grammar
  • Good understanding of English speech, ability to talk about wide range of issues
  • Vocabulary – 1000 words and fixed expressions

You will be able to understand texts in English completely and to find required information. Upon successful completion of this course, you may attend course BUSINESS ENGLISH.

Intermediate – 4 months

  • Deep knowledge of English grammar (all tenses, active and passive)
  • Enriched vocabulary
  • Fluent talking on various topics
  • Watching movies in original and reading original literature.

Upon completion of this course You may attend preparation course for International Exams IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT GRE.


Upper-Intermediate – 4 months

  • Development of conversational skills in discussions, development of skills of discussion of information and decision-taking process in a group, involvement in role games;
  • Development of story-telling skills, ability to write stories in defined genre, to make speech on prepared topic;
  • Development of writing skills: development of ability to hear key words and phrases, to understand general meaning and details, to identify mood of speakers, a playful or serious tone while listening various English sources (songs, radio advertising, interview, conversations, phone talks, radio programs and performances);
  • Development of reading skills: reading of large information blocks with new vocabulary.

Advanced – 4 months

  • Command of literary language at level close to native speakers;
  • Strengthening grammatical skills, in-depth knowledge of phraseology and idiomatics;
  • Learning methods of making language natural and diverse: euphemisms, colloquial cliches, anecdotes, down-toning of messages, inversion, expression of sarcasm, reaction to news, emotional notes; development of story-telling skills, ability to write stories in defined genre, to make speech on prepared topic, and skills of operation with visual information sources;
  • Development of all aspects of written language: grammar, stylistics, structure and content;
  • Development of reading and listening skills in relation to large information blocks with scientific, financial, political, sport, medical vocabulary.

Upon completion of this level students may attend preparation course for exam in order to obtain CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).


For those who know language principles and want to speak more fluently without rote learning.


  • You will learn to think and speak in English as it is your mother language
  • You will overcome language barrier
  • You will understand foreign language by listening recognition
  • You will be able to use colloquial expressions and slang terms.


International exams require not only proper language training, but also proper planning, consideration of requirements and understanding of tasks.

Preparation course will help you to improve English and to practice in actual exam tasks. You will improve knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, written and oral speech, listening; you will learn principles of time management in relation to exam and how to present you strong sides.

OLS teachers will explain you exam structure and some tips. In addition teacher will identify your problems and will develop an individual program of preparation.


This course is dedicated for those who need to command English at work, for example, to hold negotiations and maintain correspondence, to read business literature in English. The course is planned with presumption that student already has basic knowledge of English.


  • You will be able to hold meetings in English with business partners
  • You will be able to take job interview in international company
  • You will be able to make proper presentation of your company and products
  • You will be able to maintain business correspondence in English with partners


Special course of Aviation English (multistage course of general and aviation English).

This course is dedicated for air traffic controllers, flight attendants and other professional in aviation industry, wishing to obtain or improve their language skills.

Classes are designed for language training for flight personnel and air traffic controllers.


This course is dedicated for practitioners, students of medical schools and healthcare professionals, who need command of English for implementation of their professional activities.

The course is aimed at development of communicative skills, written and listening comprehension skills in relation to general and medical English. Students learn specialized terms and expressions, learn how to use them in speech and be oriented in professional literature, as well as develop communicative skills for communication with foreign colleges.


Parents can control and supervise learning process. Smart platform controls classes and provides storage for all materials. The course is oriented on individual development of children and development of such skills as listening, speaking, logical thinking and contextual guess. Vocabulary of children is enlarged by training with songs, audio records and compilation of logical chains in foreign language. That develops pronunciation and grammar.


  • Your children will improve their performance at school
  • Your children will successfully pass control works and exams
  • Your children will be prepared to education abroad
  • Your children will be prepared to enrollment examinations at university