Effective courses of German online

OLC offers a language course on the basis of advanced online system. You should apply for German courses right now and You will enjoy results very soon!

OLS provides a great opportunity of learning via Internet. You can complete full German course without prejudice for work, study and family due to our implemented educational project. Lessons are held online by experienced teachers with direct involvement of native speakers.

Such learning approach allows achieving of perfect pronunciation, enriching vocabulary, comprehensive learning and practicing grammar knowledge. You will be able to speak at common or professional levels depending on chosen course.

Description of online German courses

Full program include six levels. Each level takes 3-4 months. Original books and wide range of additional materials are applied for lessons. Teachers pay significant attention to phonetics and understanding. There is option of individual lessons for businessmen, students and other attendees.

You should pass test upon each stage of German course. Then the certificate confirming the relevant level will be issued. This course grants you a opportunity to be enrolled on one of the universities in Germany, to find new friends or employment in foreign company.

Levels in German learning process:

Anfänger (G1)

Anfänger is the first stage of the course. Attendee will acquire elementary speaking skills required for adaptation in German-speaking environment, will learn grammar rules, also he/she will be able to talk about him/herself and his/her wishes (including, asking way to some place, price of something, etc). In addition this stage is oriented on pronunciation and writing.

Grundlagen (G2)

Attendee will be able to talk on general issues: health, gifts, Berlin, culture of German speaking countries (general information), learn grammar structure of this level and significantly enlarge his/her vocabulary.

Aufbau 1 (G3)

This level provides deeper knowledge of grammar and good understanding of German speech (to this level an attendee has good listening skills).

Aufbau 2 (G4)

This level is oriented on improvement of vocabulary, learning of more complex grammar structures and development of initial fluent speech skills.

Fortgeschrittene 1 (G5)

This level strengthens existing grammar knowledge and activates vocabulary. It brings an attendee closer to fluent command of German.

Fortgeschrittene 2 (G6)

The level of high language training. Upon its completion You will have a perfect command of German. You will be able to speak, to understand and read literature in German fluently.